Estimated Walyunga Pool Water Level (including history and Toodyay)

Sorry the plots have been down in 2016 - major mods were required due to Water Corp. changing the data storage method, and the graphing software needed upgrading - I will progressively improve them soon.

The required WRC data is not currently available to plot

The chart above is updated every hour from the Swan/Avon River Department of Water gauge data at Walyunga and scaled based on our personal data recordings of the wooden gauge at Walyunga pool. It usually estimates the level within a few centimeters. This technique evolved from earlier work using an equation fitted to historic data recorded on Robyn Khorshid's great paddlers website. The old Great Nth Hwy gauge data is no longer available.

Note that the Department of Water has a special Avon Descent site, however the plots show level 'above the no-flow point', and so can't be compared to our 'wooden gauge' values.

If the WRC data is below 10.0 metres (e.g. through summer) no graph data is produced or added to the database since this data is meaningless (and the river is way too low for white water anyway!).

Cant access database at this time

This second chart is the same information as stored in a database since May 2005. The database failed to store values from Feb to July in 2013, but there was minimal rain anyway!

Cant access database at this time

And the history zoomed around the Avon Descent months.

Here is a chart for the Toodyay ti-tree gauge at Long Pool (based on the DOW Toodyay gauge):

Cant access database at this time

You can also download the last five Walyunga readings as text by clicking here. This is designed for mobile phones - you simply need to type in the following link and you'll get water levels while on the road (or river?):

For more detailed river level information please go to Robyn Khorshid's website.

This service is provided by White Water Perth - campagning for a white water park in WA, and Veta Pty Ltd - fluid flow specialists.